Circa 1670 Silver Caudle Cup

Linking History & Craftsmanship: The Rare 1670 Silver Caudle Cup by Hull & Sanderson

A Tangible Connection to America’s First Coinage and Paper Currency On August 22, 2022, a piece of early American history changed hands, captivating collectors and history enthusiasts alike. The rare circa 1670 Silver Caudle Cup, crafted by the renowned silversmith duo John Hull and Robert Sanderson Sr., was sold for an impressive $144,000. This exquisite…

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Tips for Buying Coins Online Safely

Greetings, fellow numismatists! This is Albert Coinstein, and today, I’ll be sharing my knowledge on navigating the online coin market. While buying coins online offers a certain convenience it’s essential to proceed with caution to avoid potential pitfalls. In the spirit of my famous equation, E=mc², let’s explore the essential elements of online coin buying:…

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Secrets of Modern Chinese Coinage

Greetings! Albert Coinstein here, and today I invite you to explore modern Chinese coinage. Including the rich history, design elements, and investment potential of these alluring coins. Key Points Topics Discussed The Evolution of Modern Chinese Coinage Chins first developed machine struck coins in the late 19th century where they circulated alongside traditional cast coins….

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