Digital and Physical Coin Values

Coin Values both Digital and Physical has taken a new and forward thinking approach detailing currencies and precious metals. They has created an online resource for those interested in Numismatics, Precious Metals, and of course the ever popular Cryptocurrencies.

Their website has news articles, articles, coin data, as well as current rates on precious metals. Data appears to update every 30 minutes or hour.

CoinBin is a new website that is poised to take over the physicals and digital coin market. Created by forward thinking developers to looking to make a splash this decade and the next. is a project started in 2013 and originally launched as a coin marketplace. In 2021 it was updated taking a more modern approach to things. Now covering; Cryptocurrencies, Precious Metals, and even Wolrd Coins. is poised to become a primary digital resource for this decade, and the next

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Mobile Friendly?
The site looks and loads amazing on mobile devices. The developers spent a good amount of time making sure all users on all platforms would be happy.

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2015 Silver and Gold Market?

Silver Market

Silver Market

So 2014 was a mediocre year for the gold and silver markets. Gold ended lost and then gained to end up right where it started at, and silver lost a few dollars a troy ounce to end up hovering around the high $16 and low $17 mark. But what will 2015 bring to the market? It’s of course impossible to predict but we can look at the low energy prices and make a few guesses.

With lower oil prices, and the price at the pump currently around $2.15 for a gallon as a national average, we can expect consumers to have more money in their pockets. This will probably translate to higher consumer confidence and less of the worry that has helped drive the bullion markets.

30 Day Gold

30 Day Gold

This could very well mean a lowering of the gold and silver markets. So how could you prepare yourself better? Well if you are a silver investor you may want to diversify into silver coins. Silver coins will hold their value better as they have both intrinsic and numismatic values.

A few good places to find details and values about silver coins are sites like (for silver dimes) and (for silver quarters) as well as old and reliable websites like

Thanks for reading and if you have questions or comments please post them in the comment section below.

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We stumbled upon the website the other day and were immediately struck by how cool a site it was, assuming you are a quarter person. Many coin collectors and coin roll hunters like to focus on a specific sub group of coin. We our-self love Quarters, and Half Dollars. Yes sometimes we get off on a penny kick for a few months, or maybe even dimes, but the quarter and half dollar are our main loves.

If you are into Quarter dollars, and even more specifically Washington-Quarter values then the website is something you need to have a look at and bookmark it either mentally or in reality as a reference for later. The prices seem to be spot on as far as we can tell. There were a few coins that we may have thought a little low or high but altogether the coin prices are good. The coin images are high resolution (if you click on the coin link), and that’s always nice. The mintages are correct and all that jazz.

Mobile View

Mobile View

Most techno geeks and webmasters will tell you the world is going mobile. In fact if you have a good cell phone you really don’t need a computer for anything other than high end applications like autocad or pc game platforms like steam. So how does hold up? Top of the class! This site almost looks better on mobile devices than on desktops.  If you are the type of person that likes to take your mobile apps in the field while shopping for coins this site is a must for sure.

Whats missing?
We would like to see include silver values/prices of silver coins in the future. It seems easy enough just get the current silver prices and the site would be even better.

This site is awesome, and we will be using it in the future!


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Silver Value Calculator

Silver Value Calculator from

Silver Value Calculator from

The Silver Value Calculator from is a nice tool that always gives you the current silver price (todays price) and then allows you to modify it to view historical data, and price variations based off weight.

The site also has a list of some very good articles on coins and silver.

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Gold Price Per Gram ScreenShot ScreenShot

Looking to get the most recent gold price per gram to assist your shop in buying or selling gold? If so try a site dedicated to well…gold.

This page displays the current gold price per gram for everything from 6k all the way to 24k gold. Prices are for grams and value is that of the US Dollar. Bookmark Them. Please share and like this page as well.

How to use this page? Review the table below and find the karat you are seeking, then click on the gold type or the price to be taken to the karats page. More details can be found on the preceding pages, and if all else fails simply scroll to the bottom of the page and use our scrap gold calculator.

All in all a very well put together and informative site that seems to be pumping out articles at a pretty steady rate. Worth a look at the very least.

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Find Silver Prices

Find Silver Prices

Find Silver Prices

If you are looking for a cool new tool that gives you accurate silver prices 24/7 and in a unique and easy to follow format look no further. The site CoinTracker has done it yet again with the creation and implementation of it’s silver prices app. This tool shows you prices for coin, troy, and sterling silver. It also allows for some slight configuration with page refresh and even audio notification tone setting.

We think you should check out and bookmark this tool for future usage. We have.

Let’s hear what they have to say about the tool.

This page lists silver prices (live) showing prices per troy ounce, per sterling ounce, and 90% Coin Silver (also known as Junk Silver). This page will automatically refresh every 15 minutes showing you the most current up to the minute silver prices, you can configure it to refresh faster and to alert you with a sound when it does so. Bookmark us (Ctrl + D), share, like, and tweet this page.

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Track Coins

Track Coins @ CoinTrackers

New Web site offers a cool new feature for coin hobbyist. They allow you to tag and track coins from your pocket to the bank and beyond.

They also offer up current silver and gold prices so you can see exactly where the market is. Another feature is a Silver Coin Melt value application that tells you how much popular silver minted coins are worth at the moment.

The prices update every 15 minutes so you can trust the site for accuracy.

The tracking part of the site is free, and you can request your own stickers. The stickers tend to be about the size of a half dollar, so they may not be good for things like quarters.

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Silver Tops 30…Again

Silver Spot Price Up

Silver Spot Price Up

Silver again has topped 30 a troy ounce this week, and this was to be expected as the Christmas season is over and because there is further speculation by investors that precious metals and commodities are a safe haven.

What does this mean for the silver bugs in the coin industry? Well it means your current stockpile value is up, but it also means that any future editions to your collection are going to cost you a bit more money.

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